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The Saint Louis Covenant School STREAM Program is designed to inspire critical thinking skills among all students in grades PreK-2 through 8th-grade. The cross-curricular; project-based lessons incorporate Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. By seamlessly integrating captivating narratives, real-life scenarios, and thought-provoking themes, we ignite the students' imagination and encourage them to push boundaries. Through planning, designing, creating, and testing, our school-wide initiative ensures every student is an active participant and problem-solver. Emphasizing collaboration and teamwork, our program fosters a dynamic learning environment that nurtures success, All for His Glory!

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Maximizing potentional

The focus we place on academic growth helps students learn to apply basic skills developed in the earlier grades to build upon the foundational knowledge acquired.


Staying focused

We work to develop greater independence and responsibility for social choices and study habits.


Academic balance

We balance our core academic offerings to ensure students thrive in all areas of their education.


Looking beyond

Saint Louis prepares their students and their families for success in elementary, middle school, and beyond.

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