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Elementary (3, 4, 5)

The Upper elementary grades at Saint Louis Covenant School include 3rd through 5th grades.

With a focus on engaging and rigorous curriculum, our upper elementary students are challenged to grow academically, socially, and spiritually. As the foundation for other subjects, literacy is at the heart of our curriculum. Students are exposed to both Fictional and Informational text through our reading curriculum and novel studies. The goal is for students to develop a love of reading, and improve their writing skills to prepare them for middle and high school. We follow the Literacy First framework where the focus is on meaningful encounters with Vocabulary, Word Study, Fluency and Comprehension. Our Social Studies curriculum offers opportunities to improve critical thinking skills and apply higher-order thinking strategies to a variety of texts. During Mathematics, students build mathematical fluency in all four operations and work on refining the Mathematical Practices of perseverance, attention to precision, and reasoning abstractly and quantitatively. The Third Grade through Fifth Grade Science program is designed to delve into the areas of Earth, Life, and Physical Science. It employs a practical and experiential approach to the prescribed curriculum. Throughout the course, students actively engage in interactive laboratory activities on a weekly basis. During Religion, the students read, discuss, and recite scripture as well as participate in meaningful classroom experiences that help them deepen their faith. Saint Louis's upper elementary helps students become independent thinkers, hard workers, and devout disciples who strive to be more like our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ, All for His Glory.

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Maximizing potentional

The focus we place on academic growth helps students learn to apply basic skills developed in the earlier grades to build upon the foundational knowledge acquired.


Staying focused

We work to develop greater independence and responsibility for social choices and study habits.


Academic balance

We balance our core academic offerings to ensure students thrive in all areas of their education.


Looking beyond

Saint Louis prepares their students and their families for success in elementary, middle school, and beyond.

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