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Kinder through 8th

Saint Louis' school program bridges the gap between more intensive remediation at the lower school level and the more diverse and challenging course offerings at the high school level.


Each school classroom focuses on direct instruction of important content-related information through the use of multi-sensory instructional techniques. The program emphasizes structure and routine, and teaches organizational and time management skills with the same emphasis as is devoted to the core content areas.

Outside the classroom, students are encouraged to learn through action and experience during participation in a range of extracurricular and athletic opportunities. Saint Louis recognizes and celebrates the fact that students may achieve some of their greatest successes on the playing field, in the art studio, or under the stage lights.

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Maximizing potentional

The focus we place on academic growth helps students learn to apply basic skills developed in the earlier grades to build upon the foundational knowledge acquired.


Staying focused

We work to develop greater independence and responsibility for social choices and study habits.


Academic balance

We balance our core academic offerings to ensure students thrive in all areas of their education.


Looking beyond

Saint Louis prepares their students and their families for success in elementary, middle school, and beyond.

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