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iPad Program

Saint Louis Covenant School provides students with the essential skills to thrive at the high school level.

We are committed to preparing our students to be leaders in a twenty-first-century global society and thus provide our students and teachers with the technology to develop and teach the necessary skills. We strive to afford our educational community the essential conditions for technology to fulfill its promise in education—shared vision, access to hardware and software, professional development, technical assistance, content and technology standards, curriculum resources, student-centered teaching, assessment, and community support.


The iPad affords the opportunity to combine education with technology and creativity. All courses use e-texts and ebooks in addition to school-approved apps. The iPad is not a replacement for skilled teaching and quality content, but rather a twentieth-century educational tool. Our students will be better prepared for high school and the work world where technology touches everything.

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Mr. David Bustamante

Technology Director

ext. 1314


Easily accessible

Students can access a wide variety of real-time information, right at their fingertips.


Increased motivation

iPads form an enthusiastic environment, influencing our student's attitude towards learning.


1:1 ratio

Students between 5th – 8th grade recieve their own iPads; the cost is covered within registration fees.


Goodbye, textbooks

By optimizing our curriculum and adopting e-books, we alleviate the textbook load and circumvent heavy bags.


Create more

Our students benefit from increased creativity in learning by utilizing various tools and applications available to them.


Increased engagement

iPads promote higher student engagement and move students from passive to active learning.

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