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Early Childhood (K, 1, 2)

The Early Childhood program at Saint Louis Covenant School is comprised of grades Kindergarten through Second. We understand the importance of
literacy development as the foundation for all other subjects. It is for this
reason that we adopted the research-based, data-driven, Literacy First:
The Science of Reading
teaching framework for reading instruction. Students in our early childhood program are taught key skills in
phonological and phonemic awareness, word study, fluency, and
comprehension. Reading instruction is delivered daily in whole group and
small group instruction. Students are grouped based on data which drives
the teacher’s small group lesson, allowing for differentiated instruction and
individualized learning. This pedagogy features an integrated learning
experience and fosters an engaging learning experience.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes areas of study in Math, Social
Studies, Science and Religion. In addition, special area classes help our
students develop an appreciation for the arts and offer an opportunity to
grow outside of traditional subjects. We offer Spanish, Art, Music, and
Physical Education. With technology throughout our school, from digital
curriculums across the subjects to iPads in all classrooms, a world of
learning is at our students’ fingertips.

At Saint Louis our Catholic Values remain at the center of our school while
offering an excellent academic experience, addressing the whole child and
fostering global awareness, all for His glory.

All for His Glory photo (ll).png

Maximizing potentional

The focus we place on academic growth helps students learn to apply basic skills developed in the earlier grades to build upon the foundational knowledge acquired.


Staying focused

We work to develop greater independence and responsibility for social choices and study habits.


Academic balance

We balance our core academic offerings to ensure students thrive in all areas of their education.


Looking beyond

Saint Louis prepares their students and their families for success in elementary, middle school, and beyond.

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